Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

The over 50’s demographic has the economic power to make or break you.  And yet, you don’t see us, you don’t rate us, and you are not courting us… More fool you.

Kate Christie – Author

The above quote was posted recently, and it caught my attention as I fall fair and square into this category and I immediately resonated strongly with it!

My mind went into overdrive conjuring up memories of how many times I have recently been in and experienced this exact situation evolve.

Joining a table solo at an event and being the ‘older’ of the group – I had so much I could share as far as life experiences in business goes but the other ‘young ones’ – as polite as they were they didn’t see me or rate me and they had no intention from the offset to be inclined to find out what I could bring to the table so to speak.  More fool them – absolutely….  So, I quietly observed as I do (being a mystery shopper and all) and wondered what is it that I can say or do to change this sort of mindset so our Industry can both cater for and ‘cash in’ on this demographic.

The fitness industry is full of Gen Z’s that can be taught a very valuable lesson by their elder counterparts.  There are plenty of extremely well respected ‘older’ leaders and speakers in the industry, but is this issue addressed enough?

Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Muscle Strength, Bone Health, Flexibility and Mobility just to touch on some of what us Gen X and Boomers are thinking about and wanting to do something about.

And there it is – the opening.  The over 50’s have the interest and we mostly have the funds. We often have the grit and determination and the time it takes to make things happen.  We are more committed to our fitness routines and more likely to stick with our memberships leading to more consistent revenue.

By helping older adults improve their fitness levels, gyms can contribute to positive health outcomes, enhancing their reputation in the community – this really resonates with potential members. These satisfied members will act as ambassadors, referring their peers to the gym and boosting membership numbers through word of mouth.

Target the over 50 demographic and ‘tap in’ on an expanding membership potential – see us and rate us!  Remember it’s important to approach marketing and programming with an understanding of their unique needs and preferences.  A welcoming atmosphere will make your gym an attractive and valuable destination for these new members. Don’t forget us and don’t underestimate the value of us.

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