Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

I think we would all agree that part of modern work culture is accepting Saturday work, however recent Mystery  Shopping results suggest that a Saturday shift can still be very challenging for many of our team to maintain delivering the same standard of customer experience as opposed to what they deliver on a weekday.  

A staggering 95% of Mystery Shop Call Evaluations that were carried out on a Saturday had disappointing results for our clients.  

Many calls were rushed, there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm and interest in the caller and usual sales processes were not followed. There was also a very poor conversion rate from the calls to an appointment to tour.  

Are your team members just not in the right ‘mindset’ when working on a weekend? Are they rushing through what is often a short shift on a Saturday because they are thinking about what’s on for the rest of the weekend and their personal time?

Saturdays are an opportune day for many who do have free time after a busy working week to make calls and enquire about starting new activities. It is therefore vital that your business delivers the same level of interaction and engagement regardless of the day of the week.  

Setting clear expectations will help along with ensuring you support your team and continue to foster a positive work culture. Incentives and rewards are always a great idea for team members who both meet and/or exceed expectations.