Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

At Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses the authenticity of our reporting is why our clients love their reports. The genuine unfiltered feedback sets us apart from our competitors.

In the world of market research mystery shopping stands as a beacon of truth, however not all mystery shopping reports are created equally.

While all our reports include specifics on the processes followed and whether certain call or tour checkpoints were met, we believe that one very valuable aspect for our clients is understanding the connection between your team member and the prospect.

As you read through our reports, you will encounter authentic comments filled with real emotions and genuine feelings.  Although we do edit basic spelling and grammar, we do not use AI to enhance the language.  We want you to know exactly what transpired from the mystery shopper’s perspective and in their own words. 

We don’t polish the edges or smooth out the rough spots – instead we present the reality. This keeps our reporting as honest and as raw and as realistic as possible.

By providing reports that are steeped in real experiences we can help you connect more deeply with your prospects.  Our reports are grounded in honesty and integrity. You will therefore find detailed insights into what the mystery shopper observed, heard, and felt during their experience – and most importantly it is delivered in their own words……