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Your Answer To Rewarding, Recognising & Training Your Team For Closing More Health Club, Gym & Studio Memberships Is Mystery Shopping

Incorporating mystery shopping into your health club, gym, or fitness studio is a proven method to significantly enhance your membership sales. The detailed reports generated through this process will reveal both your strong points and areas of improvement within your sales process. Consider mystery shopping as a strategic insurance policy, empowering you to drive increased membership and program sales. Elevate your business with this valuable tool for optimising sales performance.

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What Is A Mystery Call?

Your health club, gym or studio is called by one of our trained mystery shoppers who will ask the questions and answer your questions just like someone who wants to join.  You receive a full report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the call.

What Is A Mystery Tour?

Your health club, gym or studio is visited by one of our trained mystery shoppers as a walk in.  They will ask all the questions that a genuine prospect would ask and they’ll answer the questions you ask. You receive a full report on the visit to your club.

What Is An Entire Sales Process?

Our ultimate mystery shopping product is where you have your entire sales process reported on.  Our mystery shopper calls, books an appointment, is toured, doesn’t join and waits for the follow up.  This report shapes rewards and training of your team.  You will close more memberships after “ESP’ing” your health club, gym or studio.

We Are Trusted By Australia’s Biggest Fitness Brands

About Us

The Only Mystery Shopping Business In Australia That Works Exclusively In The Fitness Industry.

We mystery shop every business model in the fitness industry: independent health clubs, 24 hour gyms, franchise gyms, council gyms, fitness studios, university facilities and even personal training studios.  We have over a decade of experience in supporting membership growth.

As a former gym owner, JT always wanted to know what really happened when the phone rang or a prospect walked in to his health club.  Role play was good but knowing what really happened is where the gold laid.  So he launched Mystery Shopping For Fitness Businesses.  Now you can get the information he never had!

Lisa has decades of experience in sales and customer experience.  Her reports will give you the information you need to close more memberships and programs and close more consistently.

Using mystery shopping will give you the foundation for record membership sales.

It’s Not Just Tips For Selling More Memberships

It’s Not Just Tips For Selling More Memberships

Our clients are grateful as we also identify other marketing and service issues, such as necessary website updates, out of date phone messages and operational inefficiencies that impact customer and member experiences.

Pinpoint Accuracy For Improvement

Pinpoint Accuracy For Improvement

Our clients love that our reports clearly identify areas of the membership or program sales process that require specific training and development along with valuable data for performance reviews and reward & recognition.

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    Why Choose Us

    We Know How Important Sales & Customer Service Are To You

    The fitness industry has never been so competitive.  We need to ensure every prospect is given every opportunity to change their life by starting an exercise program in your health club, gym or fitness studio.  We know deciding which gym to join often is about how the prospect was treated when they first enquired, quickly followed by the tour.   Your report from our team will show how you can support all those prospects in starting their exercise journey in your gym.  Put simply, your reports will assist you to sell more gym memberships.

    Average Length Of A Client

    3.6 years

    Time Until We Respond To Your Enquiry

    Less than 24 hours

    Time Until We Start Your Mystery Shopping

    Less than 30 days


    What Clients Just Like You Say

    Testimonials from our valued customers

    This service has the best ROI for any gym owner. It is real time solution to what you can get your staff to improve on. 

      Ramy, Anytime Fitness.

      Client since 2014

      Mystery Shopping provides a unique perspective that has allowed me to identify areas of improvement. The reports are thorough and offer valuable suggestions on how I can enhance the member experience in my gyms.

        Lachlan, Anytime Fitness.

        Client since 2021

        I’ve been working with Lisa am for many years and found mystery shopping an integral part to the success of my business. They support me, provide feedback, and help to improve and innovate the process.

          Mark, Anytime Fitness.

          Client since 2019