Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

What started out as a standard mystery shop assignment for one of my team (let’s call her by her ‘alias’ name Chloe) turned into a fabulous win win situation for both my client and for Chloe! You see Chloe didn’t walk away after her mystery shop without signing up and never to be heard of again – she was so impressed she couldn’t help herself; she was seriously considering becoming a member of this Club (and did!).

Among the fitness Clubs that Chloe visited was a club that immediately stood out from the rest. From the moment she stepped through the door she was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. The team member at the front desk immediately made eye contact with her and with a lovely “Welcome – you must be Chloe; we are expecting you”. And so, the mystery shop had begun.

The team were not only knowledgeable but came across as genuinely passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing. They asked all the right questions, were great listeners and Chloe felt herself diving into the conversation sharing her fitness journey to date, discussing her goals. Then the ‘tour’ began. The club was impeccably presented, and a wide array of classes were on offer that catered to every fitness level and interest and promised a great workout experience.

What truly set this club apart was the sense of community it fostered. Members greeted each other with smiles and encouragement that created a supportive environment. She was already feeling a sense of belonging. Could you see yourself working out here Chloe she was asked? Oh yeah – could she ever. The team included little anecdotes about the new spin bikes, the classes and as for the reformer Pilates room – beautiful high ceilings, polished boards, soft lighting….. They talked about the benefits of the sauna and massage chairs for recovery.

As Chloe delved deeper into her evaluation, she found herself increasingly engaged in the club’s offerings. Through her interactions with the team members, she realised this club really did exude a passion for health and wellness.

Note: Since joining the club, Chloe’s life has changed. She is well on her way to achieving her fitness goals and she has also forged new connections and found a sense of belonging that extends beyond the gym walls.