Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

In the competitive fitness industry even the smallest change in your customer service can produce more sales. 

Mystery shopper experiences in your business on a normal working day will bring out a very clear picture of which parts of the prospect’s journey can be celebrated and which needs to be focused on to improve your business performance.

Our Mystery Shopping program covers the whole set of service criteria from the moment a prospective member enters your facility, to the greeting and start of a conversation – so first contact, professionalism, sales & communication skills and observance of all areas of your facility.

But the reality is you don’t work every minute, so the hard facts are, are you fully aware:

  • How your employees perform on any given day?
  • Of the work ethic and attitude or your team?
  • The enthusiasm they convey to prospects?
  • Of your team’s understanding of your pricing model?

If you are ready to satisfy your curiosity and see the great observational powers that Mystery Shopping will bring you then we should talk!

Mystery Shoppers for your business are the key to unlock great potential! 

Our mission is to encourage, grow and facilitate outstanding customer service, leading to member satisfaction and increased business.

Our Mystery Shopping program is adapted exclusively for the fitness industry and your unique business requirements. We will give you the best corrective feedback and data. Each report you receive will provide super useful information for your business. Our reports will enable you to have transformative insights and determine priorities that allow our clients to take action, to affect positive change and drive improved business performance.

Our Mystery Shopping program is conducted with integrity and discretion.

Consider making mystery shopping an ongoing part of your overall company initiatives to develop real awareness of customer service and reinforce your sales!