Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

In the words of one of my Mystery Shoppers “I was ghosted”. Picture this: You’re eager to kickstart a new journey at a fitness club. In today’s digital age where convenience is at the top of the list, potential prospects will often turn to the internet to enquire about membership or simply wanting to know what a particular club can offer. You visit a website, have a few queries so complete the ‘contact us’ form and hit submit.

You wait…. hours…… days…. Not a single response in any form even though you had to supply in ‘required fields’ your name, email address and contact number. How would you feel? Frustrated and ignored! What do you do? You then turn to a competitor who promptly responds – say no more.

Every unanswered web enquiry represents a missed opportunity for business growth.

Prospects who take the time to enquire are often motivated individuals ready to make a commitment to their health and fitness. They may become loyal members and brand advocates! And even if a prospect ultimately decides not to join a positive interaction will leave a lasting impression and increase the likelihood of a future referral or a return visit if the timing was just not right.

Ignoring web enquiries is simply bad for business. It drives potential prospects away erodes trust in your brand and represents lost revenue opportunity. Prompt and efficient communication is the key to keeping prospects engaged and converting leads into loyal members.

Training your team to prioritise and respond to web enquiries in a timely and professional manner can make all the difference.

By prioritising picking up the phone and calling prospects you are already ahead in a competitive market.