Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

Do we communicate differently and handle an incoming call enquiry in a different manner depending upon the voice on the other end of the phone?

Yes, we do!  Mystery Shopping data reveals that (generally speaking) a male sounding caller is treated a lot differently to a female sounding caller.  The calls are shorter, less connection is made, and less information retrieved. The conversation style is more assertive and direct. But on the flip side the male prospects don’t seem to mind at all that not a great rapport was built, they seemed to be easily pleased and calling them ‘mate’ throughout the call was fine by them.

Our female sounding callers seem to be treated more empathetically and their wants & needs & goals are delved into during the conversation. Do we adapt a more caring & polite tone when speaking to a female? Absolutely.

Some may communicate in the same manner regardless of the gender of the caller.  It’s all about adapting to each and every individual call.

Avoid making assumptions and use inclusive language. Give the caller a chance to actively engage in the conversation.  Be aware of cultural differences.  Always keep in mind that adapting your conversation to specific genders is not about how you treat people differently based on gender – rather it is about being inclusive and respectful and thoughtful.  Try to understand every caller’s preference and communication style.

By remaining professional and empathetic and keeping the conversation gender neutral you can’t go wrong!

Mystery Shoppers for your business are the key to unlock great potential! 

Our mission is to encourage, grow and facilitate outstanding customer service, leading to member satisfaction and increased business.

Our Mystery Shopping program is adapted exclusively for the fitness industry and your unique business requirements. We will give you the best corrective feedback and data. Each report you receive will provide super useful information for your business. Our reports will enable you to have transformative insights and determine priorities that allow our clients to take action, to affect positive change and drive improved business performance.

Our Mystery Shopping program is conducted with integrity and discretion.

Consider making mystery shopping an ongoing part of your overall company initiatives to develop real awareness of customer service and reinforce your sales!