Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

The power of storytelling can set you apart from the others. It conveys messages in a very relatable manner that will both inspire and motivate.

Story telling has been a part of human culture since ancient times and plays an important role in communication. There is no better way than sharing human experiences in order to build a relationship.

Showcase stories of your members who have experienced significant physical or lifestyle transformations through their gym membership.  Stories that will evoke emotions such as inspiration and empowerment.

Life lessons resonate with our own goals and struggles so stories about obstacles or setbacks in someone else’s fitness journey and how they overcame them through the support of your fitness/wellness centre can be inspiring for others.

The true story – In 2017 I broke my back & neck in 2 places in a freak accident whilst exercising in a park.  Several months later after a lot of rehabilitation to walk & run again (and with the blessing of my medical team) I ventured back into the gym to start my fitness journey all over….

The gym was my saviour.  The team along with my fellow gym goers who in turn shared their own stories of resilience provided a network of support that was out of this world.  I was encouraged and cheered on every step of the way and have reached goals that I thought I would never achieve.

My story has been retold countless times by my PT who continues to inspire, motivate, and connect with others through storytelling.

Storytelling really does have the power to shape behaviours and attitudes and beliefs.  Stories have a lasting impact on individuals and society as a whole.  They inspire and educate and definitely make that interconnected human experience richer.

Footnote:  I am now fitter & healthier than ever before.

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