Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

When you answer the phone with a smile on your face and standing up you are actually communicating a ton of non-verbal cue’s through your voice tone.

Even though our mystery shoppers cannot see who they are speaking with when on the phone, they can tell when your team member is smiling.  Really, smiling is the golden rule of all telephone conversations!

Did you know that research shows if you are feeling anxious, angry or even plain old bored chances are it will be revealed in your tone of voice?

The impact of your voice conveys the crux of your message and will create a critical impression or desire to come into your facility for the prospect.

Standing up can help you stay dynamic and focused through the conversation.  You will feel more confident – you can freely gesticulate (waving your arms around) that results in more natural speech patterns.

Take our challenge today of answering calls standing up and smiling to project a really positive impression!

Mystery Shoppers for your business are the key to unlock great potential! 

Our mission is to encourage, grow and facilitate outstanding customer service, leading to member satisfaction and increased business.

Our Mystery Shopping program is adapted exclusively for the fitness industry and your unique business requirements. We will give you the best corrective feedback and data. Each report you receive will provide super useful information for your business. Our reports will enable you to have transformative insights and determine priorities that allow our clients to take action, to affect positive change and drive improved business performance.

Our Mystery Shopping program is conducted with integrity and discretion.

Consider making mystery shopping an ongoing part of your overall company initiatives to develop real awareness of customer service and reinforce your sales!