Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses

At Mystery Shopping for Fitness Businesses, we define a ‘Top Gun’ as a team member who consistently provides outstanding customer service that shines through among the thousands of Mystery Shopping Call Evaluations and Walk in Tours, that we conduct every year.

The art of selection is important in our choosing a recipient for the ‘Top Gun’ award and we start by looking for the qualities we believe an individual must possess in the first instance that are essential to providing exceptional customer service – Empathy and Emotional Intelligence!

We look for team members that not only meet but go over and above our expectations….. who show they understand a prospective members perspective, who feels their pain points and who responds genuinely.

The Top Gun team member is not only knowledgeable about the Clubs offerings but can also convey this information to prospects in an easy to digest manner.

They can adapt their communication style to different demographics with ease. They showcase their passion about health, fitness and wellbeing and it is with obvious pride they tour you through the Club they clearly love working in.

A friendly demeanour, active listening skills and a proactive approach are all of high importance. We want to be inspired by a conversation and feel enough enthusiasm that it is contagious. A Top Gun has the ability to create a positive and welcoming environment and put the prospects needs and wants as a priority.

A ‘Top Gun’ will leave our mystery shoppers going “WOW” – I want to meet this person – I want to join this Club!